Intellectual Property

Gipson Hoffman & Pancione has steadily expanded its expertise and ability to serve a wide range of intellectual property needs for our clients.  Our clients include companies and entrepreneurs in the broader entertainment community, as well as diverse businesses and nonprofits, where IP can be fundamental.  In addition to the major areas summarized here, our experience encompasses right of publicity, privacy, trade secret, and libel & slander.  Our attorneys in the practice of intellectual property law include Kenneth Crews, Fred Gaines, Ray Gross, Kenneth Sidle, and Corey Spivey.


We bring our copyright skills to clients in a wide range of industries, including entertainment, software development, publishing, and university administration.  Copyright services can entail asserting rights of ownership, evaluating fair use, and determining the scope of exceptions and the public domain.  We have helped clients with the complexities of “termination of transfers” and the subtleties of business acquisitions and estate inheritances.  We also have represented many clients in copyright litigation, including a unanimous victory for our client from the U.S. Supreme Court in Fogerty v. Fantasy, Inc.

Publishing & Licensing

The management and licensing of copyrights is fundamental to authors, publishers, and many other clients who are navigating a changing environment.  We have helped authors negotiate smarter publication agreements and equipped publishers to respond to the new expectations in the era of digital technologies.

Trademarks & Branding

Nearly every business client has trademark, branding, and related needs.  We actively work with our clients to help find the right names, logos, designs, and other identities for their new and expanding businesses.  Trademarks, branding, and the goodwill they represent can often be among the most valuable assets of a going enterprise.

Patent Licensing & Litigation

The management, protection, licensing, and exploitation of patents are often a fundamental interest and will be part of the overall IP services we provide for our clients.  We also represent parties in patent litigation.  While we are not members of the patent bar, we coordinate closely with specialists in other firms to support patent applications and prosecutions.

Expert Consultation & Testimony

Our attorneys have provided services as expert witnesses in litigation relating to art, software, publishing, fair use, fashion design, and other copyright and intellectual property matters.  We have submitted reports and testified during trials, often reshaping the issues and leading to favorable rulings.  Our lawyers have distinct and extraordinary expertise in the development of the law around the world, the history and evolution of copyright concepts, and the implementation of IP policy and principles by governments, universities, and business organizations.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Our intellectual property litigation practice encompasses protection of and defense against claims involving patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, reputation, privacy rights, and rights of publicity.  We have represented large and small companies and individuals on claims involving unique inventions, toys, sculptures, household goods, textbooks, computer software, clothing, textiles, personal care products, digital media and Internet advertising, and traffic agreements, among other fields of business.