Labor & Employment

Gipson Hoffman & Pancione’s labor and employment attorneys are dedicated advocates, trusted counselors, and practical problem-solvers, helping employers across a wide array of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, higher education, manufacturing, and entertainment.  Our clients range from small, family-held businesses to large institutional employers.  In all events, we maintain a boutique practice in the truest sense: Our experience, and our practical approach, allow us to develop solutions and strategies tailored to meet each employer’s specific circumstances and needs.  Attorneys practicing labor and employment law include Larry Barnett, Won Park, Ellen Shadur, and Corey Spivey.

Employment Counseling & Agreements

We regularly assist employers in the development of employment policies and employee handbooks, negotiation of employment and trade secret agreements, compliance with the WARN Act (and its California counterpart), conducting transactional due diligence, and offering advice and litigation services with respect to hiring, discipline, termination, employee classification, family/medical leave and disability accommodation, and employee protection based on race, national origin, ethnicity, LGBTQ status, sex, pregnancy, age, or whistleblower status.  We also support clients in connection with investigations by government agencies, including the EEOC and California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Traditional Labor Relations

Our attorneys have extensive experience in traditional labor relations, and regularly represent employers in union organizing campaigns, collective bargaining, grievance arbitrations, and in unfair labor practice proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board and the California Public Relations Board.  Employers are not monolithic in their views of unions, and our approach is to help employers first identify and then to achieve their ultimate aims.

Labor & Employment Litigation

GH&P’s labor and employment litigators are experienced advocates at all levels of state and federal courts, before the NLRB (and the California Public Employment Relations Board) and in private arbitration.  We also have represented clients in diverse legal actions involving employment issues, including wage and hour disputes, discrimination and harassment claims, termination and severance agreements, and employee discipline.  This experience often allows us to achieve the best outcomes through settlement – because our adversaries know that we can, if need be, defend or pursue a matter to conclusion.