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Raymond Gross is a transactional entertainment attorney with a specialty in motion picture and television finance transactions.  Ray is not only experienced in handling most types of motion picture and television contracts, including rights acquisitions, talent agreements, and distribution agreements, but he also has extensive expertise in representing clients involved in entertainment financing matters.

In addition to representing film and television producers and distributors, Ray’s clients have included almost every major bank that has been active in the motion picture and television financing business, major film funds, individual equity investors, and producers obtaining financing.  Ray also has experience representing clients in connection with the acquisition of film and television libraries and was actively involved in the formation of a major broadcast television network.

Ray prides himself on having a results-oriented, problem-solving approach to representing his clients.  He believes that learning as much as possible about a client’s wants and needs is essential to effectively representing the client in a particular transaction.  Ray believes that a lawyer should be more than just an advocate for his clients.  An effective lawyer should be a virtual business partner, whose primary goal is to advance his client’s main business objectives and not be distracted by matters that are of little or no concern to his client.  Rather than toss roadblocks and legal excuses for not advancing a client’s plan, Ray believes that developing innovative and effective solutions is the better way to serve client needs. 

If you are looking for a lawyer who can get deals done and still make sure that you, as the client, are protected, then Ray is the person to call.